And turned out to have a word about the residency!


Quite rewarding working for friends! These are two, of my favorite, examples that I would very much like to have for myself! A whisky pourer for a whisky lover (like myself) and blogger based in Edinburgh, and a bracelet for someone that has asked for a bracelet with this kind of chain a while ago (with the DoJ workshop quiet had some time to work on a couple of projects that have been on hold for a while), made a magnet clasp that ended up rolling in its own axis, which was a good surprise!

And talking about friends and the DoJ workshop, this year the residency at the college surpassed anything that I could have think about. The balance between the previous technical, and the design and artistic approach learned at the different colleges took to the next level. This year I have experienced one of the most rewarding adventures ever, working close to the students in the workshop and seeing their developtment through the semesters was something I never thought but deeply enjoyed! Passing on what I have learned over the last 10 years (!) and achieving that empathy and synergy quite spontaneously was very satisfying! Thank you all, being among you makes me happy! Look forward to see you again, very curious to see your work in the future!!DJCAD-in-the-dark-by-Emma-McGregor-621x434

Photo: www.theskinny.co.uk






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