This is some new work coming together (it’s not going on show in London, at least not ND, but I’ll start looking for alternatives), again looking very romantic but in truth very critical, just like the previous body of work. Silver and wood riveted taegether! They seem to complement better each time I bring them side by side, and by some reason managed again to get some nice hard wood, and yet again not knowing the tree where it comes from! The balance seems to be quite natural between the brushed metal and the wood, lets see if it will work as good alongside with bronze, as it works with silver, when I scale them up.

The table is the stage or the background where the work is sitting, the table where we sit for a meal with the family, or on our own. It will be an analogie to the behaviour we have towards society and vice versa. The idea is to craft a series of objects, spoons, small that live on their own, and big that live in community. I’ll address this in a critical way, as looking at behaviour of people today when alone and in relation to others.
Need to get some materials but soon more work will pop up here! Keep

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